Why Search Quest
As an organisation, Search Quest is beginning to mature into one that understands the need to leverage both industry-specific expertise and functional skills.

Best Practices
Extensive experience in search and selection across top recruitment companies in India has enabled the core team to develop best practices across practice groups and recruitment processes. The idea is to make the experience for clients and candidates with Search Quest ‘standardised’, ‘process-driven’ and not ‘person-specific’. Our best practices are ingrained and instilled in every member of the team, irrespective of level, experience or competency ensures that you will have the same experience, turnaround and delivery regardless of which location or consultant you work with.

Quality & Dependability
Clients have come to rely on our short cycle times and turnaround times, delivery competency, industry knowledge and market understanding. We have been able to consistently maintain our hit ratio of 1:2 given our deep domain expertise, best practices and industry understanding.

Customised Solutions
We understand that no two clients or their requirements are alike. Our recruitment solutions are tailor-made to suit a given hiring mandate. Be it an RPO initiative, a focussed search or managing advertising operations, we consult with clients to identify the best methodology.

Domain Expertise
We believe that strong delivery capability can be achieved only with strong industry understanding. Our practice groups and best practices ensure that every consultant in the team is trained to become a subject matter expert in his/her practice area.

Partnership Approach
Search Quest prides itself on its ability to work with clients and candidates as ‘partners’ rather than ‘vendors’. This has been possible because of our domain expertise, quick turnaround time and strong delivery capabilities. We engage with our clients as an extension to their recruitment teams. Thus, our relationship with candidates goes beyond being just another consultant. We work more as ‘career agents’ or ‘career catalysts’.