Industry Expertise
Information Technology
Information Technology today plays a defining role in shaping the course of any given sector across the globe. The fervent demand for IT products and services from consumers and enterprises alike makes it the fastest growing market in the Asia-Pacific region. This growth has catapulted the IT sector as a principal source for
worldwide employment and expansion.

We, at Search Quest have a dedicated panel of over 20 consultants managing all IT recruitment needs and turnkey projects. We have achieved an exceptional record in hiring IT professionals with varied skills across all tiers in India and abroad. We offer complete recruitment solutions to IT captive centres of Investment banks, IT services and IT product companies with great finesse and competency.
With the third largest telecommunication network in the world, second largest in wireless connections, the telecom sector in India is witnessing an unprecedented growth. It is projected that the number of mobile users in India will cross the one billion mark by year 2015. The Indian telecom sector is even expected to overtake China in the next decade.

The high growth potential makes this sector a highly sought after sector by service providers and professionals. Major players such as Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola and Haier have set up shop here. This has opened up huge opportunities for highly skilled professionals in this industry.

Search Quest has a team of highly qualified telecommunication experts catering exclusively to this sector and fulfilling the requirements of both, vendors and operators.
Search Quest has a highly experienced and well established team of Logistics & Supply Chain specialist consultants. Given our our vast experience and wide network within the logistics sector, we work closely with both, clients and candidates. Our recruiters have a sound grasp of the logistics industry and are familiar with the processes and the
people working in this sector. We specialise in time-bound and critical hiring situations for mid and senior level executive positions across the end-to-end supply chain.
Media & Services
Search Quest provides comprehensive recruitment services to the media industry. We combine our specialist knowledge of the industry with extensive executive search expertise to provide industry-specific advice to both our clients and candidates, from entry level through to senior management.

Search Quest has a proven track record of identifying and placing top talents in key strategic positions. Our clients benefit from shared best practices and a thorough and comprehensive coverage of the markets to be searched. Our success is borne out by the quantum of repeat business we generate and the referrals that we receive, our enduring client relationships and, of course, the long term success of our placements.
Today, India has the unique distinction of being referred to as the ‘back office’ of the world. The BPO/KPO sector has not only given India that label but also placed her firmly on the global map. Availability of skilled professionals at competitive costs has made India the preferred destination for global outsourcing. In addition, the BPO/KPO industry
has been instrumental in propelling the growth of the Indian economy. Having started with the BPO sector that caters to size, efficiency and capacity, there is now the KPO sector that is all about knowledge, assessment and experience.

Our industry specialists recognise that growing sectors such as the KPO/BPOs are in constant need of able recruits and continuously need to be serviced. Our client base in this sector includes financial KPOs and global BPOs.
Engineering Services
The engineering sector is at the crux of any economy and being the largest sector in India, this industry generates demand from core sectors such as infrastructure, power, mining, oil and gas, construction, plastic, petrochemicals, chemicals, cement and steel. This industry continues to grow at a very healthy pace creating tens of thousands of
job opportunities in its wake.

With recruitment successes in this vertical, we at Search Quest have a dedicated team of domain experts helping our clients with their talent acquisition needs.
Banking & Financial Services
India is emerging as the preferred destination for M&A due to intellectual arbitrage. Commodity research and bonds market is also opening up many opportunities. More and more investment banks are coming to India for their captive divisions. Since global outsourcing is on the rise, the prospect in this industry segment is booming. The banking
sector has assets worth US$ 273 billion and deposits up to US$ 223 billion, making it a core service. With growth in credit cards, consumer finance and retail banking, this sector is estimated to create demand of over a million highly skilled finance professionals in the coming five years. The challenge lies in identifying the right calibre talent to work in this sector.

With three dedicated consultants in the BFSI sector, Search Quest is able to add tangible value to recruitment solutions in this area.
Corporate Support Functions
Bringing about operational efficiencies and achieving organisational synergies is a challenge that confronts any management across businesses. At Search Quest, we bring keen insights and deep understanding of the various corporate support functions that facilitate the achievement of organisational objectives. In particular, the services provided
by business-enabling functions comprising Marketing (corporate communications, marcom, PR, advertising), Sales (corporate/institutional, retail, account management, pre-sales) Finance, HR and Facilities that need to be aligned with the outcomes of the organisation’s operational wings. At Search Quest, we take a business-driven approach to developing improvements to the corporate support functions. Our focus is on service(s) delivery and the underlying capabilities, processes and systems.